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WELCOME TO The french touche

"Be Different by making the Difference & doing it Differently".


WHY The French Touche?

With the methodology we provide, we will deliver it to you in our unique and proven way.

 We will also guide you from our own experience,  we have various qualifications and certifications that make our skill set valuable.

We will share with you our ups and downs, our highs and lows in that road to the next level of your game. Working for ourselves by serving others.


“[...] Nate, a kid you coached in Illinois who announced he wanted to be a GK because it was the only way he'd make it to the New Trier varsity team. 

Well, he did it. He started last night!!!

Thanks for all your work those many years ago. You inspired Nate when he needed it.

I wish you continued good fortune.”

Nathalie Strassheim (Nate's Mother)


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+44 7874 052165

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